i’ve got my love to keep me warm.

it’s looking deliciously Christmas-y around here.  snowy outside & a cozy inside.christmastreeand when you’re get a call from your sister-in-law telling you to step outside of your downtown office because your husband is walking down Superior Street in a Santa suit, you snap a picture with him.

santa(he was dropping off holiday gifts to clients.  talk about service with a smile.)

*P.S. my tinseled deerskull was featured on Nat The Fat Rat’s “O Christmas Tree” post!  She looks might fine all bedazzled & bulbed, doesn’t she??


our adventures on the emerald isle

on our anniversary last month, Mike & I both held our finger over the “purchase” button on our computer & booked tickets to Ireland.  since my husband is a Malone & the Malone’s hail from Ireland, we had decided awhile ago that our next big trip would be to the land of Guinness & leprechauns.

considering we had a little more than a month to plan, i think we ended up covering a lot of ground in the 8 days we were there.  and oh! that country.

rugged. lush. hauntingly beautiful.  and the Irish people?  they are absolutely delightful.  coming from Minnesota, i can tell you with truth that “minnesota nice” is a very real thing.  and they Irish?  they have it in spades.  they are quick to laugh, fiercely loyal to their roots, & will give you not just directions when you ask for them, but tell you they’re life story, ask your life story, and send you off with a smile & a pint.

also.  when people heard our accents, they asked where we were from.  when we said Minnesota, almost without fail, they would say, “aye, Bob Dylan’s home state!”  so clearly they also have stellar taste in music.





The Zenith City of the Unsalted Seas

“One of the many pleasures of living in Duluth is that you have to look at the lake a lot.  You might only mean to get some groceries, but on your way you see something so grand, so terrible and beautiful, that you absorb your daily requirement of humility just by driving down the street.”

~author Barton Sutter

{above picture of my friend Tracy (striped socked feet) and I (moccasined feet) taking an autumn stroll this weekend}


I took Monday off.

After the wedding festivities last weekend, I decided I deserved a little time to myself.  Our summer has been so insanely busy that I haven’t had a free afternoon, much less a free day.  The day was my oyster.  So I did all the things I’d been itching to do and haven’t had time to.  I slept in.  I lounged on the couch and watched this movie.  I thought about working out.  (I bet you can guess how that turned out.)

Since I wasn’t able to go antiquing with Mike a couple weeks ago, I decided I was going to make that happen on my day off.  So I peeled of my yoga pants and put on something that was appropriate to wear out of the house and headed downtown.

I always walk into an antique store or estate sale or fleet market hopefully that I’ll find something I didn’t know I had wanted but now that I see it I need it!  and it’s super cheap!  and I know just where I’m going to put it!

I wasn’t that lucky this time.  But I was lucky in the sense that I headed home and snuggled right into bed and took a NAP.  ON A MONDAY AFTERNOON.  And oh how refreshed I was when I woke up!

However the highlight of my Monday was walking into my friends’ apartment that night and seeing them rehearsing their wedding vows with Mike.  (Mike’s officiating the ceremony.) (And the wedding in this Saturday.) (Mike became a Reverend by applying online.) (!!!)  It was a sweet moment and I can’t wait to see it officially happen tomorrow.

Happy Friday!

little things

every Tuesday, there’s a little farmer’s market downtown in my little city.

every Tuesday, i head out of my office and walk the block & a half to the courtyard where it’s held.

every Tuesday, hand the same man $3 for a little bouquet.

that little bouquet keeps my desk cheery until the next Tuesday when i get a fresh arrangement~