1. Jeff Who Lives at Home – i’ve always been a Jason Segel fan, and this quirky dark comedy is just another reason why.
  2. our shiny new compost pail – oh my gosh you guys, this pail is awesome.  we just throw our food scraps, egg shells, etc. in it, and drop it off at the compost dump near our house.  i was skeptical as to whether or not it would really be odorless, but YES. you would never know we have weeks of banana peels & avocado skins hanging out in our kitchen.
  3. my Lifefactory water bottle – this glass water bottle has kind of become my security blanket.  i bring it with me everywhere.  not only is glass the tastiest material drink out of, but the safest as well.  no need to worry about BPA, PVC, lead, etc.
  4. dots dots dots – you could polka dots on a potato sack and i’d gladly wear it.  throw a chambray shirt under this sweater and call it a day.
  5. Garance Dore print – J’adore Garance Doré.  And the opportunity to buy a print of her sketches? Magnifique!