on our anniversary last month, Mike & I both held our finger over the “purchase” button on our computer & booked tickets to Ireland.  since my husband is a Malone & the Malone’s hail from Ireland, we had decided awhile ago that our next big trip would be to the land of Guinness & leprechauns.

considering we had a little more than a month to plan, i think we ended up covering a lot of ground in the 8 days we were there.  and oh! that country.

rugged. lush. hauntingly beautiful.  and the Irish people?  they are absolutely delightful.  coming from Minnesota, i can tell you with truth that “minnesota nice” is a very real thing.  and they Irish?  they have it in spades.  they are quick to laugh, fiercely loyal to their roots, & will give you not just directions when you ask for them, but tell you they’re life story, ask your life story, and send you off with a smile & a pint.

also.  when people heard our accents, they asked where we were from.  when we said Minnesota, almost without fail, they would say, “aye, Bob Dylan’s home state!”  so clearly they also have stellar taste in music.