today was just an ordinary day.

i shaved my legs because i was going to the doctor to have my knee examined again.

i wore a new stripey cardigan which made me happy.

at the doctor i didn’t even have to take off my pants for the doc to check out my knee so shaving my legs was all for naught.  (also, i need physical therapy and a knee brace.)

i had a headache for most of the afternoon.

near the end of the work day i successfully ran a report in a software program that i find crazy complicated.  victory was sweet.

Michael and i wrote a letter to George, the little boy we sponsor through World Vision.

i’m eating pretzels and nutella while i wait for The Office to start.

i’m pretty fond of ordinary days.

“Time stands still best in moments that look suspiciously like ordinary life.”

Brian Andreas’ Storypeople