i’ve been around.  since i posted last i’ve celebrated the holidays, went to the Big Apple (mixing business with pleasure), had my nose to the grind at work, fell in love with my juicer, and have enjoyed the mild winter we’re having.  it’s been a wonderful whirlwind of activity.

i’m being forced to slow down somewhat since this last week at the Y i took a bootcamp class and dislocated my patella.  i’ve officially won the award for clumsiest person on the planet.  i’m actually so blessed that it was a super mild injury– it could have been so much worse (as in, a torn ACL).  so now i’m in the middle of the elevate, ice, ibuprofen cycle.

i’m heading into Monday refreshed as Mike and i had a couples weekend up the North Shore.  and although i didn’t permit me to join in the 1 a.m. dance party involving Crime Mob, i still had a blast (as evidenced in the above photo).

cheers to a new week.