this past weekend we celebrated Christmas with Mike’s family and when i say celebrated, i actually mean i stuffed food down my gullet.  but besides being gluttons, we also

//watched football//

//snuggled our nieces and nephew//

//drank margaritas//

//played our own version of It’s All Relative, courtesy of our game show host Rachel//

//watched the kids tear open presents with wonton delight//


mike’s newest niece, claire.  homegirl is happy ALL THE TIME.

“Christmas” dinner.  filet and crab legs.  i hope heaven is full of crab legs.  and butter.

harlow enjoyed her own Christmas feast~

new robes for the kiddos

*see Rebecca’s cheese smile?  when she knows her picture is being taken, she closes her eyes and says cheeeeese!

Mike’s youngest sister Rachel is currently leaving in Buenos Aires (you can read all about her adventures here!), but she joined in the holiday fun through the magic that is Skype~

we had to head back home monday morning, but before we left, ikea was a must.  after adding a few more unnecessities to my Christmas list, we grabbed some cinnamon rolls and made our way back to our home sweet home.

when it comes to in-laws, i hit the jackpot.  i’m such a lucky gal.