try it again, breathing’s just a rhythm.

{illustration by garance dore}

how is everyone’s Friday turning out?  i’m spending mine with regina.  have i ever told you how much i adore her?  and then tonight i think husband and i will make a fabulous dinner with friends whilst listening to Christmas music.  speaking of husband, his upper lip is now naked!  i have to give him credit, he held strong with that stash for an entire month, despite the constant mocking he was getting.  true dedication.

so as a kick off to this weekend, i thought i’d share with you some things on this great big internet that have made me smile this week.

like how’s this for a topknot?

winter has never been so hauntingly beautiful as it is here.

santa baby…

ok, maybe that’s a little out of santa’s budget.  but this is equally lovely.

Fossil’s holiday lookbook featuring one of my fave fashion bloggers, Kendi.

i wish i was spending my weekend at this little getaway.  i don’t think i’d ever come home.

have a beautiful weekend, ladies and penguins!  don’t do anything i wouldn’t do 😉