Do you guys know what Movember is?  During November men stop shaving and grow a mustache to raise awareness/support for prostate cancer and men’s heath.  Apparently these guys are called Mo Bro’s (true story).  No shaving that upper lip for a full 30 days.  The real heros during the month of November are the women who have to look at their significant others face and wonder when their handsome husband’s face was replaced with that of a man who drives a van and offers candy and free puppies to children.  I decided to call these long-suffering women Mo Ho’s.  Guess who decided to participate in Movember this year?  That would be my husband.  The guy I promised to love for better or worse, no matter what.  And while Mike fancies himself to look like Tom Selleck, I would argue he’s closer to Ron Burgundy.

Yeah.  This is actually happening.

But why stop there?  As a highly esteemed Mo Ho, I feel it my duty to stand alongside my spouse and support him.

So please please, for the love of God, make a donation.  Because all kidding aside, it’s for a really wonderful cause.  And because we all have some really amazing men in our life.