I just love weekends.  I’m gonna go so far as to say that I love weekends more than the average person.  Especially when those weekends include wild rice burgers at our favorite pub, sunshiney morning walks with the dog, and college hockey games.  Thankfully life seemed fairly normal this week, with the daily grind at work and the usual chaos, but by Friday some sort of ish settled in my head and I was ready to lay low for a couple days.  Friday night we went out to dinner with a friend I finally got to indulge in the wild rice burger I had been hankering for for about a week.  Seriously,  it is the most fabulous burger of all time.  Saturday we took Harlow on a leisurely (and by leisurely I mean Mike and I yelling at Harlow to STOP PULLING SO HARD on her leash and just walk beside us like a normal dog!) walk to a local coffee shop.  That night we went on a double date with our friends to a college hockey game, and I’m pretty sure we’re good luck charms because they totally kicked hiney.  And Sunday I tried to sleep this cold off.  You guys, I didn’t put pants on the entire day.  I just wandered around in an oversized T-shirt and did nothing useful.  Except some dishes.  So yeah, weekend=success.  We Malones are pretty amazing at weekending.  I may have made that word up.  Don’t worry about it.