I’m not very serious on my blog.  Maybe it’s because my life is all rainbows and marshmallow fluff and embarrassing moments so I don’t have anything serious to talk about.

Nope, that’s not it.

Maybe it’s because life is hard.  Life is hard and complicated and because it is, I want a safe place I can go to where things aren’t hard.  But the truth is, you guys don’t know me.  Not the real me.  You know that I love my husband and that I have a knack of getting myself into scrapes and that I hate my hands, but that doesn’t mean you know the real me.  You don’t know that I have been on anxiety medication since I was 14.  Or that I grew up with an alcoholic father (who is, to this day, the strongest man I know).  You don’t know the some of the amazing people in my life who I’ve lost.  You don’t know how fiercely loyal I am to the people that matter most to me.  And while I’m not ready to share all the deepest things in my heart (some of those things are just between me and God), I am ready to share a little.  Maybe not today or tomorrow, but bits and pieces when I’m ready.  Not because I want pity, not because I want attention (which must be SHOCKING to you, I’m sure), but because if some one can relate to me, if I can let another person know that they’re not alone, then it will have been worth it.  We were never promised an easy life.  But we were promised that we’d never have to do it alone.  And for that, I sure am thankful.