Song of Solomon 3:4

Four years ago today I started an incredible journey with this blue eyed boy.  I love this picture not only because it’s one of our first pictures as an official “couple,” but you can tell how relaxed we are with each other.  How ecstatic we are that the other feels the same way as we do.  I look at that 23-year-old girl on the right (who is skinny, by the way! dayum.) and have to chuckle.  She thought never thought this guy would end up being the brightest part of her day.  She had no clue that within a month she would be OVER THE MOON IN LOVE with him.  She had no idea she would be walking down the aisle towards him just 2 years later.  What she did know was that in his arms, she felt safe.  And at that time, that’s all she needed to know.

Happy 4 years, babe.  Home is when I’m with you.