FACT: this holiday always leaves Martina McBride’s “Independence Day” permanently stuck in my head.  Ahem.

Let’s start out this post with a little treat for the eyes:

ARE YOU KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW?  This picture is enough to make me want to procreate stat, despite running the risk of giving birth to a Russian babushka.  It just kills me.

Over the holiday weekend my extended family and I went camping in Southern MN.  And when I say camping, I mean in 30 foot campers with air conditioning.  Don’t worry about it.

By the end of the weekend I was sunburnt and bug bitten and my eyes were swollen shut from allergies, but I enjoyed every single minute.  My cousin brought her two babies who basically kept me in stitches the whole time.  And could they be any cuter?  No.  No they could not.

Highlights include: a wedding at the campsite we were staying at (which sounds pretty ghetto but actually isn’t since it wasn’t a traditional campground), touring the Gilfillan Estate, an afternoon at a waterpark during which I found out my husband is an excellent diver, smores & sparklers, Harlow being so gentle with the kids (shocking, I know), glo sticks, playing cards, seeing baby chicks, my mom giggling like a kid on the water slide, and oh so much more.

I'm all kinds of klassy.

All in all, the perfect weekend.

Current mosquito bite count: 42.  And that’s just on my legs.