Remember how I have this friend named Tracy Joy?  Well, I do.  And guess what?  She’s back in MN!  Sadly, she’s only here for another month or so before she leaves again to take a job in Cali.  S’ok though.  She has wings, so I guess I’ll let her fly.  Anyway, she’s staying with her favorite Irish couple (a.k.a. The Malones) for a day or two and tonight we gave our ears a treat and saw Jack’s Mannequin in concert.  A-MAZE-BALLS.

I know I’ve mentioned to you guys before how much I love music (and how for the most part I don’t discriminate), and tonight I realized another reason why.  A few days ago I was at my parents house and low and behold guess what was sitting on the kitchen table?  MY DIARY FROM ELEMENTARY SCHOOL.  It had Hello Kitty all over it.  I brought it back home with me and after reading a few juicy excerpts I see that I was always as dramatic as I am now.  Case in point: in fourth grade I wrote how much I liked a certain Eric Borndal (I actually still know him!) and how upset I was that he didn’t feel the same way.  I wrote, and I quote:

“It was a beautiful day outside today.  But it was raining in my heart.”

You can’t make this shit up, people.

My point is that so much of what we think and feel is hidden deep in our hearts and most of the time no one ever knows that we thought or felt them.  In fact, time goes on and often we ourselves forgot that we ever thought or felt them.  But musicians take what they’re feeling, whether it’s positive or not, and make them songs and lyrics that we hum, tap our toes to, and maybe are touched on a deeper level by.  They let all of us in on their triumphs and failures.  They let us read their diary, knowing that we could laugh in their faces when we do.  And that is incredibly brave.  When I think of how many times music has brought tears to my eyes or brought a smile to my face or made me think THANK GOD I’M NOT THE ONLY WEIRDO; I’m thankful there are people willing to spill their guts so I can keep mmmbopping.