Holy Hannah, how fast did this weekend just go by???  I skipped out of work on Friday, my heart light with the thought of a whole weekend ahead of me, and now here I sit on my couch, with one husband watching NBA finals and one pooped pooch, wondering where the last 48 hours went.  I think I need another weekend to recover from the weekend.

I don’t wanna jinx anything here, but I think summer may have FINALLY ARRIVED.  It sure took it’s sweet time getting here.  It was a delicious 80 degrees all weekend, with Mr. Golden Sun deciding he wanted to stick around.  On Friday we celebrated 27 years since this guy made his way kicking and screaming into the world:

Quad M celebrates birthdays the way most people do.  We made chicken larb, ate ice cream cake, checked out what this chatroulette thing is all about (without a doubt the creepiest thing I’ve ever done), decided to throw our Christmas tree that was hiding in the backyard into our bonfire, and walked to the grocery store at 11:30 at night because we had a hankering for pizza.  You know, the usual.

On Saturday Mike, my friend Holly and moi made the 2 hour trek to St. Paul to celebrate our good friends’ finishing grad school.  Jonathan and Hannah (the aforesaid graduates) have the sweetest 100 year old house in an adorb little neighboorhood where we partied it up with grilling (smoked pork, to be exact), bocce ball, night games (milk jugs, anyone?) and one questionable game of bowls where I may or may not have used the word vulva more than once.  Don’t worry about it.

This morning we slept in, took our time getting ready, and headed to a historic part of St. Paul to celebrate Grand Old Day on Grand Avenue, which is basically like a big street fair with music, vendors, and yummies.  Lucky for us, we have friends who live right on Grand, so we had awesome place to catch all the action and meet new friends.

After I kicked some arse in croquet (I knew I had some athletic talent hidden deep down in me somewhere!) we decided to take in the sites, sounds and questionable wardrobe choices of the fair.

We drove home tonight, wonderfully tired and full of new memories.  And now I sit here with no snarky comment to make (shocking, I know), just feeling blessed by the wonderful friends I have in my life.

Oh, and Harlow basically had the equivalent of an orgy this weekend with all the doggies she played with.  She feels blessed too.