This post won’t have very many actual words per se, but it will do the following:

  • make you think more of yourself, and
  • make you think less of me

Mike and I were at a meeting for the city at a local elementary school the other night, and after the meeting got out, we thought we’d indulge the 6-year-old in us and play on the playground.  We started out on the swings…


During which I became a little motion sick (a.k.a. Maggie’s too eldery for the swings) so we hit up the playground.  There I tried out the fireman’s pole and decided to give it a whirl:




This is where you go, I’m so glad Maggie posted this picture because now I feel awesome about myself!

Thus my pole dancing career was over before it started.  Crap.  I was really counting on the extra income I was gonna make working nights.