Last week was hard. Work has been way stressful and every night I collapse into bed and fall asleep before my head hits the pillow. And then, about 2 minutes later, my alarm goes off and somehow it’s already morning. By Friday I was definitely looking forward to some quality time with two favorite people. (Well, my favorite person and my favorite pooch, technically.)

A HUGE shout out to Kyla, who was unable to use her reservations and subconsciously must have known how much we needed a break — because by 3 p.m., much to our surprise and delight, we were heading up north to a little cabin on the Gunflint Trail for 2 glorious nights with Harlow in tow.

The next 36 hours included a beautiful sunset, wine and hand holding while listening to David Gray, laughing at Harlow sniffing every tree and rock she came in contact with, kicking my husband’s hiney at cribbage, and a sad attempt at putting together a puzzle. It was wonderful/relaxing/NEEDED. We headed back Sunday morning refreshed and (somewhat) ready for another week. Even Harlow getting carsick on the way back and yakking in the driver’s seat (she comes by that honestly, no thanks to me) couldn’t dampen our spirits.

Already it’s Monday night, and the magic of this weekend is getting lost in the grind of the work week. So while that it’s still close enough to taste, I’ll snuggle a little closer to my husband and reflect on all my half remembered dreams.