Work is enveloping me.  BAAAAAAaaaaaaaah.  S’ok though.  I get to come home every night and smooch this guy:

and then suddenly, like magic, I’m rejuvenated.  Husband kisses make everything better.

My weekend was full of friends and mexican food and reconnecting with some faves at this place; but none of it was really that noteworthy (unless you include the surprise 25th birthday party that started out awkward, became even more awkward when an 8-year-old began playing the flute, but thankfully took an extreme turn for the better around 9 p.m.).  I did, however, make some new friends with these gals–

So I’d say that all in all the weekend was a success.

But because none of that is really very interesting, and because there’s nothing good on T.V. right now, I thought I’d fill you on some of the currents in my life (even though they’ll probably change in 5 minutes):

current tunes— I cannot get enough of Adele’s new album.  I CANNOT.  I just lurve her.  You have to watch this– it’ll break your heart.  But it’s so breathtakingly beautiful that by the end of the song you’ll find it whole again.

current color— green.  le sigh.  Spring was here for like, 2 seconds, that little tease.  When I was driving home from work tonight the thermometer said 37 degrees.  ::shudder::

current drink— coffee and I are still in the honeymoon phase.  I’ve found that 2 splenda packets and french vanilla creamer= the perfect cocktail.

current food— at our grocery store you can get a big bag of mini peppermint patties for $1.  and every time Mike goes to the grocery store he buys a bag.  you do the math.

current triumph— I FINALLY finished reading The House of Mirth by Edith Wharton.  It took me forever to get through- not because I didn’t like it, but because it’s not the exactly an easy reader.  And because it starts off really slooooow.  And because I don’t have entire afternoons to devote to reading these days.

current thought— do I really have to be back to work in 12 hours??