Looking at the grainy iphone picture in my last post makes me wish I had it together like my beautiful friend Tracy and could take actual pictures. 

say cheese!

If you have a minute head over and check out her flickr project where she’s taking a picture every day for an entire year.  I don’t know about you, but this girl could never commit to doing something for an entire year.  Unless that commitment involved eating a package of Thin Mints everyday. 

ANYWAY, T’s pictures are beautiful and whimsical and kitchy and will make you want to look at life through her child-like lens.  She started this project last summer when she moved from her home in Minnesota across the country on a new adventure.  Not only do you get to see some amazing pics, but she’ll introduce you to some pretty BA music and you’ll get to follow her on her journey this past year.  So what are you still reading this for?  Go check it out!  Go now!

See you soon, Trace!  Awwww suki suki.