As a little girl, even though I didn’t have any real concept of true love, I imagined that someday I’d have a wedding something along the lines of this:

And yes, in my mind the groom would clearly be Eric from The Little Mermaid.  At the tender age of 6, I didn’t think there was anything more romantic than a human falling in love with a red-headed fish and rescuing her from a bitchy octopus.  The other man in my life was this huge life-size teddy bear I got for Christmas one year (whose name happened to be Murray, unfortunately).  I loved playing house, and Murray was the lucky one cast as my husband more often than not.  In fact, the poor bear still has a small smudge of lipstick on his snout from an overly affectionate 6-year-old laying a big sloppy one on him after playing with her mother’s lipstick.  But I digress.

About 17 or 18 years later my real prince came along and let me tell you something: Eric and Murray have nothing on Michael.  Years before I ever met Mike, I prayed for the man I would someday marry, and God blew all my expectations out of the water the day I married that guy.  Mike and I were friends before we started dating, and it surprised me how much of a romantic he actually is (after growing up with 3 sisters I had hoped something would stick).  In fact, for our one year anniversary I walked out of work that day and he was outside with a horse and carriage to whisk us off to a hotel for the weekend.  A HORSE AND CARRIAGE, PEOPLE. 

If you thinking I'm gloating by posting this picture, you are absolutely right.

Anyhoo, I was once again pleasantly surprised when I received a phone call at work at about 2:28 on Monday afternoon.  “Finish whatever you’re working on, because I’m taking you away at 3.”  He had a business meeting that night in Ely, so he decided to mix business and pleasure (I don’t know why writing that made me giggle) and booked a little room at a bed and breakfast for us.  He had already talked to my boss and packed a bag (I should mention the bag he packed included a sundress I never wear and he forgot my diffuser, but whatev) so we could leave right from work.  For the next 30 minutes I sat grinning like a fool in my cubicle, waiting for Mike to come and pick me up.

Once we got there Mike headed to his meeting and I headed to the grocery store (Zup’s- holla!) to pick up snackies.  In an hour he was back at our little home for the night where we ordered pizza and watched Dancing with the Stars.  (Did anyone else see Kirstie Alley fall?!?!?)  It was quiet, relaxing, lazy and before I knew it we had to head back.  But it made my month.  Those thoughtful things my husband does make Prince Eric seem like the poor (wo)man’s Michael…