is not named after Nicole Richie’s daughter.  HELL NO.  Although Harlow Madden is adorable, she is not my dog’s namesake.  And if you like your butthole the way it is, you won’t ask Mike if our dog is named after Paris’ former bff’s daughter unless you want him to rip you a new one.  She is, however, named after my favorite actress of alllll timmmme Jean Harlow.  Most people don’t actually know who Jean Harlow is, but if you’re big old movie buff (like yours truly) you’ll know that before Marilyn Monroe, there was a blonde bombshell named Jean Harlow who dominated cinema during the early 1930’s.  Not only was she gorgeous, but she was funny too (always an amazing combo).  Just like my Harlow.

See the similarities?

Those eyes, those cheek bones, the same glossy hair–err–fur!

So if any of you call my dog Harlow Madden, I will sic my bitch on you.  Consider yourself warned.